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Bayern Munich defender Alphonso Davies on his parents fleeing war and his efforts to help refugees


Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies says he was saved from a life of guns and fighting by his parents’ decision to flee war in Liberia and become refugees in Ghana.

Davies was born in a refugee camp and spent the first five years of his life there before his family were resettled in Canada.

Now one of the most famous young players in the world thanks to his outstanding contribution to Bayern’s 2019-20 treble-winning campaign and subsequent Club World Cup success, Davies is the first footballer – and first Canadian – to become an ambassador for the United Nations refugee charity UNHCR.

“My parents told me about the war that was going on in Liberia,” he said. “In that situation there are only two opportunities, either be part of the war or get out.

“My parents had no intention of carrying guns and shooting guns. I am happy they chose to get out.”

Even though memories of his time in the camp in Ghana are understandably hazy, Davies, 20, recalls days when there were “struggles to find food and water”.

“It was a tough road,” he said. “And it was amazing when they were accepted for a resettlement programme. I can visualise the smiles on their faces knowing they were going to a better life.”

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