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Letter from Africa: Kente – the Ghanaian cloth that’s on the catwalk


We in Ghana have absolute confidence in our fashion sense.

We also happen to believe that the most beautiful and most dramatic fabric on this Earth is the kente, which is, of course, Ghanaian.

The finely woven material has become the defining symbol of Ghana and Ghanaians and, indeed, of Africa, and for Black people in general.

Time was when the kente was a strictly royal cloth reserved only for the most special of occasions and the elite of Ghanaian societies.

Today the kente is widely available to all of us, but has retained its elegance and, when woven, is still expensive.

There are two main strands of kente in Ghana representing two ethnic groups – the Ashanti and the Ewe (among whom the cloth is in fact known as kete).

I am convinced the Ewe version is the more beautiful one, but I would say that seeing that I am an Ewe myself.

Source: BBC . Images From Getty Images.

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